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Spa Bylinowa
Bylinowa 20a
91-156 Łódź

Opening hours:

Monday: 13:00 – 19:00
Tue-Frid: 14:00 – 20:00
Sat: 10:00 – 16:00
Sun: Closed


+48 502 352 684


Spa Bylinowa
Bylinowa 20a
91-156 Łódź

Opening hours:

Mon, Thu, Fri: 12:00 – 20:00
Tue, Wed: 13:00 – 20:00
Sat: 10:00 – 16:00
Sun: Closed


+48 42 611 00 97
+48 502 352 684

Facial treatments

Face massage 30min

Firms and improves the face oval. It is performed on a cosmetic matched to the type of skin.

Price: 80 PLN

Facial care treatment

Make-up removal, cavitation peeling, ampoule, ultrasounds, mask.

Price: 200  PLN

Nourishing-lifting treatment

Procedure: make-up removal, cavitation peeling, vitamin ampoule, face massage, algae mask.

Price: 210 PLN

Acids „R-Peel” - 4% Retinol 40min

A complete exfoliating and rejuvenating system. The treatment increases the level of skin hydration, inhibits aging process, improves the skin tone, restores the young look of the skin.

Price: 210 PLN 

Acids „A-Peel” Hydrating treatment 60min

Peeling without exfoliation recommended for dehydrated, tired and also sensitive skin. The treatment has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, deeply moisturizes and smoothes your skin. A-Peel treatment includes: peeling A-Peel, a cocktail with vitamin C, soothing mask, a cream that is matched to the type of skin.

Price:  230 PLN 

Acid „M-Peel” Mandelic acid 60min

A peeling designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It works for blemishes and acne lesions. Immediately improves the condition of oily skin and regulates the secretion of sebum. The treatment includes M-Peel acid, mask and a cream matched to the skin type.

Price:  180 PLN

Normalizing-cleansing treatment

Price: from 170 PLN

Diamond microdermabrasion

Mechanical exfoliation of the stratum corneum (superficial layer of the epidermis) . This treatment includes: make-up removal, exfoliation, toning and a soothing massage for the skin.

Microdermabrasion: face

Price: 110 PLN

Microdermabrasion: face and neck

Price: 135 PLN

Microdermabrasion: face, neck and decolletage

Price: 160 PLN

Derma-roller treatment

Derma Roller treatment (microinjections) is one of the most effective ways to rejuvenate. Derma Roller is intended for people who want to smooth wrinkles, improve the condition of the skin, eliminate acne scars and bruises under the eyes. As a result of treatments the skin regains its firmness and healthy color. It is moisturized and flexible. We use a disposable head during the treatment. The treatment includes the face, neck and cleavage.

Price: 220 PLN

SKEYNDOR Aquaterm treatment

This soothing treatment is based on a thermal water. Perfect for sensitive skin. Procedure: make-up removal, cavitation peeling, ampoule and a face massage, face mask, cream.

Price: 230 PLN

SKEYNDOR Vit C Treatment

Vitamin C increases the synthesis of collagen in the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and brightens the skin. Procedure: make-up removal, cavitation peeling, concentrate 25% vit c, concentrate of pomegranate and acai 10%, aloe vera mask.

Price: 230 PLN

Luxury SKEYNDOR Derma Peel Pro

A new generation of cosmeceutic peeling that instantly fights skin imperfections.

Price: 220 PLN


A treatment that is an alternative to aesthetic medicine. Designed to non-invasively smooth visible signs of aging.

Price: 270 PLN

SKEYNDOR Stem-cells Eternal Treatment

Intensive anti-aging therapy inspired by the latest genetic engineering research. Stem cells of ecologically pure apple, obtained by using nanotechnology, regenerate immediately damaged skin cells.

Price: 250 PLN

Power Oxygen-SKEYNDOR


Price: 250 PLN


Face massage 30min

Price: 80 PLN

Relaxing massage 60min/90min

Price: 170/220 PLN

Classic massage 60min/90min

Price: 190/240 PLN

Hot stones relaxing massage 90min

Price: 260 PLN

Massage with a candle 60min

Aromatic candle massage (with a natural shea butter)

Price: 230 PLN

Massage with hot chocolate 60min

Price: 230 PLN

Firming chinese cupping massage (partial) 45min

Price: 155 PLN

Therapeutic hot stone back massage 40min

Price: 160 PLN

Deep tissue massage 30min/60min

Price: 120 zł/195 PLN

Body treatments

Fruit impression 90min

This fruity treatment begins with a refreshing and stimulating body peeling with a sweet fruit aroma, which leaves the skin smooth and soft. Peeling accelerates skin renewal and regeneration processes. An hour-long relaxing body massage made with oils with a sweet and fruity aroma will give You a deep relaxation and peace of mind.

Price: 269 PLN

Ritual Hot Orange 120 min

Hot oragne Ritual We start the warming body treatment with a half-hour sauna session with the addition of essential oils. Then we will do a stimulating whole body peeling with the scent of sweet orange and chilli. After the peeling, there will be an hour, deeply relaxing full body massage performed on nourishing shea butter with the addition of hot stones. After the procedure, we invite you to the relaxation area to continue the rest with a warming tea with orange and cloves.

Duration: 120 min Price: 360 PLN

Sensual chocolate & coconut ok.90min

Sensual chocolate&coconut
We start the treatment with a chocolate body scrub. Then we will do an hour relaxing massage on a nutritious coconut oil that will envelop your body with a coconut aroma. The effect of the treatment will be smooth, nourished and fragrant skin. It will be a feast for the body and senses.
Price: 280 PLN
Duration: 90min

Coffee firming treatment 110min

Coffee therapy (slimming and firming treatment)
The treatment begins with a whole body coffee peeling. Next, we will apply a slimming caffeine serum on selected parts of the body, which contains a high concentration of carefully selected active ingredients. The next stage is a slimming and anti-cellulite mask with caffeine content and Dunaliella Salina algae. Finally, we go to the slimming, 40-minute massage of selected body parts using a chinese cupping.
Price: 315 PLN
Duration: 110min

Regenerating treatment with goat milk and lychee 90min

Goat’s milk with Lychee (regenerating treatment)
The treatment begins with the whole body peeling, and then we apply a nutritious mask to the whole body, which provides deep hydration of our skin. Finally, a 30-minute relaxing body massage is performed. The effect of the treatment is nourished and smooth skin. Products enriched with an exclusive pearl extract and the soothing IRCALMIN complex provide comprehensive care for even the most demanding skin. IRCALMIN reduces irritation, soothes dry skin and provides comfort and hydration. The treatment provides a wealth of nutrients and vitamins, and pearl extract protects and regenerates. The treatment is also suitable for pregnant women.
Price:  290 PLN
Duration: 90min

Body peeling 30min

The skin after the treatment is smoothed, toned and moisturized.

Price: 120zł /90 PLN. (if combined with massage)

Cranberry body treatment approx. 120 min.

A nourishing and moisturizing body treatment that begins with a gentle sugar peeling based on ecocertified shea butter. Then a mask with a sweet and refreshing aroma of cranberry will be applied to the body. The last stage of the treatment will be an hour-long relaxing full body massage.

The treatment is recommended for dry, sensitive skin prone to irritation.

Price: 349 PLN


Eyelash lifting

Lifting gives the effect of open eyes, eyelashes seem longer, thicker and darker.

The treatment also includes botox and henna.

Price: 140 PLN

Finnish sauna/IR sauna

Finnish sauna/IR sauna (at least two people).

The infrared IR sauna is the main difference from the Finnish sauna. It is caused by a different heat source than in finnish sauna. Infrared cabins use infrared energy that directly heats the body. In the Finnish-traditional sauna, the air in the room is heated to about 100°C.The Infrared cabin does not have high temperatures – from 30 to maximum 60°C. This range of heat is safe for the cardiovascular system, which makes these baths suitable almost for everyone, regardless of age or health condition.

Price: 120 PLN  60min

Regulations Spa Bylinowa

  1. An appointment at Spa Bylinowa should be made at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  2. In case of late arrival, Bylinowa Spa reserves the right to shorten the treatment time.
  3. If you intend to cancel or change the date of the procedure, please inform the Spa Reception in advance.
  4. If the client has any health contraindications like: pregnancy, illness, chronic diseases, ongoing treatment, recently completed medical procedure, client is obliged to inform the Spa Reception and the person performing the treatment before the procedure.
  5. Spa guests with diseases such as: diabetes, heart disease, high or low blood pressure and taking anticoagulants, antihistamines, sedatives or belonging to the group of beta blockers should consult a doctor before using the services of the Spa.
  6. The purchase of a service is tantamount to the customer’s declaration that there are no medical contraindications to use this service and that he has read the Bylinowa Spa regulations and accepts its terms.
  7. People whose condition indicates the consumption of drugs or alcohol and people with infectious diseases, rashes, open wounds, can not use SPA treatments.
  8. The Bylinowa Spa is not responsible for the jewelry and other valuables of clients brought to the Spa.
  9. In the area of Spa Bylinowa it is forbidden to:
    • smoking (including electronic cigarettes).
    • bringing food and alcohol (in the case of group treatments it is possible – use of paid catering ordered
    • use of mobile phones in the relaxation zone and massage rooms (respecting the silence zone)
    • loud and inappropriate behavior that affects the discomfort of other guests.
  10. The Bylinowa Spa reserves the right to organize promotional offers to perform certain treatments whose terms and duration of the offer are set out in the terms and conditions of promotional offers on the website.
  11. The Bylinowa spa reserves the right to sell promotional offers as a voucher with a validity date to be used until the end of the promotion. Failure to complete the voucher during the promotion means that it will be void.
  12. The Bylinowa spa reserves the right to sell gift vouchers, the validity of which will be three months from the date of purchase, failure to complete the purchased voucher within three months of its purchase means that it will be void.
  13. Promotional offers in Spa Bylinowa do not combine with gift vouchers.
  14. The Bylinowa Spa is not responsible for damages caused as a result of not following the above regulations.